We Install Sleek and Stylish Freestyle Furniture Vanities

If you’re looking for something more unique and you than basic white sinks, then you will love our beautiful custom-made, free-standing and furniture-style vanities. We also design and install contemporary vanities which are functional with clean and simple lines.


If you are looking to make a statement in the design of your bathroom then we can create a totally unique design that matches your stylish interiors and highlights your individuality.


We also design ergonomic vanities, vanities with ample storage space and specialty storage space all hand-crafted to your individual needs and style.


Diamond Marble Granite Stylish and Elegant Vanities Make a Statement in the Bath


We offer a full customisation of the vanity that allows for a unique look.


Vanity Doors


We offer the following doors:


Solid timber: we craft our doors from wood species such as oak, maple and cherry. We can also combine wood vanities with a marble or granite top.


2 Pac paint: We use a fully sealed 2 Pac painted finish with a superb depth of colour that will brighten up the darkest of bathrooms or powder rooms.


Dura-Form: We use a specially designed foil is heat bonded to the MDF substrate which encapsulates the top surface and edges in one operation.


Melamine: The standard finish in bathrooms, it is a cost-effective solution for bathrooms on a budget.


Vanity Hinges


Fully adjustable metal hinges with life-time warranty is standard on all our vanity cabinets.


Vanity Production


All panels are processed using the latest technology. Our entire range is drawn down electronically and then every panel is optimised to produce the best yield. They are then cut, drilled and edged using cutting-edge machinery.


Unlike most (if not all) other vanity manufacturers, we produce all of these components in-house (except for solid timber doors) which enables us to be in control and have the ability to produce vanities in a much faster time-frame than outsourcing manufacturers, and cost-effectively.


When it comes to vanities, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. That’s why we are flexible to work with you from design to installation, to create a vanity that adds to the allure of your bathroom.


Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated decorative type of vanity or contemporary, practical piece that’s easy to maintain, then we can assist.


We give you the freedom to choose what works for you, then we design and install it for your comfort, pleasure and enjoyment. Easy!


If you have more questions about our services or if you’d like to book a free quote vanities contact us via our contact form or call 1300 501 737.

Every Diamond piece is completely unique

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